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  • Status:Operational since 2015
  • Community Benefit Fund:£35,000 per year for the operational life of the wind farm
  • Local planning authority:Rossendale, Rochdale and Calderdale Borough Councils
  • Operated by:Partnerships for Renewables Limited on behalf of Vantage Infrastructure
  • Turbines maintained by:Senvion / Siemens Gamesa (ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 18001)
  • Number of wind turbines:11
  • Tip height:125m
  • Electricity generation capacity:37.4MW (11 x 3.4MW turbines)
  • Homes powered per year equivalent1:27,000
  • CO2 reductions per year in tonnes2:56,000

1Calculated using the most recent statistics from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) showing that annual UK average domestic household consumption is 3,618 kWh in 2018. The figure provided is calculated as follows: Number of megawatts installed (37.4MW), multiplied by BEIS’s Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES) latest onshore wind load factor (30.6%) expressed as a fraction of 1 (0.306) x number of hours in one year (8,760) / average annual UK domestic energy consumption per meter (3,618 kWh) = 27,060.

2Calculated using BEIS' "all fossil fuels" emission statistic of 450 tonnes of carbon dioxide per GWh of electricity supplied (taken from 2019 BEIS 'Digest of UK Energy Statistics' p96 Table 5E "Estimated carbon dioxide emissions per GWh of electricity supplied 2016 to 2018"). Carbon reduction figure is calculated by multiplying the total amount of electricity generated by the project per year by the number of tonnes of carbon which fossil fuels would have produced to generate the same amount of electricity.


Crook Hill Wind Farm donates £35,000 each year to eligible community projects, and will do so for the operational life of the project. Donations to the Fund are index-linked, so can expect to grow in size in most years. The Fund is managed by national grant-making charity, GrantScape. 


There is a single funding round each year. Grants of £250—£10,000 are available for community projects in the Fund area. The Fund can provide both capital and revenue funding.


Local groups that have a written constitution, a set of rules or a governing document, and a bank account with two signatories.  Individuals and commercial organisations cannot apply.


To apply you need to complete a simple online application form that is available on GrantScape's website.  The process is paper-free and simple to use.

A copy of the full funding criteria and details of how to apply can be found on the GrantScape website:

If you have a project you would like to discuss or need further information, please contact Liz Payne at GrantScape:


Vantage Infrastructure, or Vantage, recognises the benefit of collaborating with the wider ESG-focussed community to both promote ESG interests and ensure that the firm’s own approach to ESG remains current and in line with best practice. Amongst other initiatives, Vantage is a signatory to the UN supported Principles for Responsible Investment (“PRI”) and is pleased to commit to PRI’s six Principles for Responsible Investment.

Vantage are also active participants in the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment. GRESB is the leading Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) benchmark for real estate and infrastructure investments. The GRESB Infrastructure Assessment captures information regarding ESG performance and sustainability best practices.

PfR's commitment to ESG is exampled by the GRESB 'Asset Sector Leader 2020' status and 5-star 2020 and 2021 GRESB ratings achieved by the combined Crook Hill and Reaps Moss wind farms, both managed by PfR for Vantage Infrastructure.

GRESB 5* rating GRESB Sector Leader GRESB 5* rating

Please click here to view the Vantage ESG and Sustainable Investment Policy.

Please click here to view Partnerships for Renewables' ESG policy.

Please click the links below to view the following Crook Hill Wind Farm policies:


Please click the links below to view the following Health and Safety documents:

3 Elliotts Environmental Surveyors is the primary environmental contractor for Crook Hill Wind Farm.
Please contact us using the details below:

Operations Office

Partnerships for Renewables
Unit 1 Edison Way
Gapton Hall Industrial Estate
Great Yarmouth
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Registered Office

Partnerships for Renewables
Unit 1 Edison Way
Gapton Hall Industrial Estate
Great Yarmouth
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